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06. 04. 2019


To Italy with Leonardo from CottoCrudo (ENG)



To France with Martin



Degustation of beer from BeerGeek



Served Iranian Dinner (ENG)


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Martin Štangl

Martina significantly influenced the eight years of work in the Michelin La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise as sous chef. In 2015, his dream was fulfilled, he was at the opening of the new Eska restaurant as a chef. He loves wild herbs and nature is the main inspiration for him. He appreciates each one of her fetuses, he enjoys rediscovering forgotten ingredients and always uses it to the last bit.


Marko Jelič

Mark is all known as a wine geek. He has been working since 2005, during that time he has tried to test its production in various world wineries. Preferably, he has wines from small family wineries, where they are produced wine with a focus on humility, respect for nature and care for sustainability. He enjoys wines with the minimum of additives and in his most realistic position.


Frankie Gallucci

Frankie has loved food since his childhood. He got to Prague thanks to the internship in Ferrero. His domain and passion is pizza. For 9 months in a row, he studied the reactions and process of dough making, different kinds of flour, fermentation. All till the moment, he discovered the perfect combination. He loves the high-quality ingredients, his pizza became phenomenal in Prague.


Tomáš Juřík

His cooking experience began at the restaurant Pastacaffe Tonino Lamborghini (Ambiente Group), where he worked for one year. He followed this with a stint at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise. He expanded his experience by one month fellowship at New York's restaurant Avoca, which was the holder of two Michelin stars. And now Tomas is a chef in La Finestra restaurant.


Juliana Fischerová

She has started to write a blog in 2012 about sourdough baking, Maš She and another food blogger (Cuketka) are founders of sourdough starter map and movement Peč Since she was a little, Juliana enjoyed baking and cooking mainly for the family, later on she baked custom-made products and then she has been baking and frying donuts for restaurant Maso a kobliha.


Sofia Smith

Sofia is the Executive Chef of Cafe Buddha in Balbinova street. She started her career in Prague at the British Council and Angel Cafe and restaurant Angel. Sofia, British born and with Irish - Malaysian heritage. Sofia's specialty is authentic Asian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Prior to launching the experimental The Sexy Curry Company, she was the Executive Chef of Le Patio Restaurant. 


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